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Consulting and engineering special services.

Special Services

Special Engineering Services include all activity related to preservation, reinforcement and restoration of existing built structures- infrastructure - such as industrial, commercial or residential, as well as implementing intervention in special artwork such as bridges, viaducts , tunnels, retaining walls, dams, dikes and walkways.

The tangible assets of the organizations in any segment, composes an important part of their patrimony and VIATÉCNICA is prepared to act over damaged structures by diagnosing and executing special services. We have satisfied customers in various areas: industry, steel mills, mining, highway concessionaires, concessionaire of water and sewage systems, construction, concrete producers, trade, services and private condominiums.

Projects of Special Art Work - include a range of different services which we execute with technique precision that comes from our large experience. Among our services, we perform: repair of concrete structures, reinforcement of structures, sealing treatments, concrete projection, jacking structures, hole in concrete, prestressing service, underwater concreting.

We care for using high-tech products and keep constant technological control of the materials according to the needs of each project during the entire service.